New Patients by Becoming a Local Celebrity Authority

How to position yourself to get more new patients, less cancellations, less arguments about your treatment plans, more big cases and get noticed.

People listen to you because you are an authority figure. You have expertise that looks like magic to them and you fix their health problems.

But people still treat dentists all the same, with the “how much does it cost” as the first thing out of their mouths.

I bet very few ask Dr. Oz that question, but even if they do, they still go ahead with treatment no matter what it costs.  It’s because he’s a celebrity and like it or not, we are in a celebrity culture.

You want that ability, don’t you?

There is a way. That is to dominate your city, or area. It’s easy to dominate your region than going national.

You become a celebrity by doing the following:

Books: Everyone has a book in them, let it loose (or get someone to write/do it for you)

Videos: Flood the internet with videos of you answering your patient’s top questions

DVDs: mail the videos out!

Pipe everyone into a marketing conveyor belt to expose them to these things like drips from a water faucet.  Your positioning will increase exponentially.

This works exceptionally well with bigger cases like ortho, implants etc.

Not only will people take notice of you, but they will drive from further away to see you, not cancel or switch offices as much but also not argue as much with your treatment plans.

More advanced:

Once you have that in place, you can easily channel that into bigger media: newspapers, TV, radio

It used to be that being a celebrity was reserved for movie stars and politicians.  Now, you have the opportunity to become one.


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