3 ways Patient Reviews from Practice Management Software could be Harmful to your Practice Growth

The biggest hurdle in attracting new patients is getting their attention. If you have walk by traffic or in a mall, this low cost method will grab their attention fast…

One of my new LED lights was dying the other day and it kept turning on and off randomly. When guests were over, I noticed they kept looking at it whenever it would do that (out of the corner of their eye).

It’s an evolutionary trait that we as humans tend to notice CHANGES in our environment and ignore everything else.

On the same token, ever try talking to your spouse when their favorite show or game was on? Good luck.

Attention is what we need here. And we need it FIRST before anything else.

So when we are attracting new patients, we have to take into account that they won’t read / listen/ watch what we want them to if we don’t have their attention first.

For malls and offices with lots of walk by traffic I’ve experimented with A Frames (by the way, people walk with their gaze pointed DOWN – so design your A Frame properly) and window cards and they do well for many services including crowns and braces, however , here’s a much better solution:

Have a TV in the window facing outward and either a Google Chromecast or Roku stick. They are cheap and stick into the HDMI plug on the TV. Then you can upload pictures and short animations into the stick and the TV will display it. You can control it with your phone or PC.

The brightness and colours of the TV coupled with any animation grabs attention fast.

This way you can display and test different offers, show your reviews, different educational materials and whatever you want on a rotating schedule.

P.S. There is a service that offers that for you but it’s $200 to start and $50 a month (not including the TV cost), but that’s a rip off since you can do it yourself for just the cost of the stick and TV and never need to spend another dime.

P.P.S.  You can also use is in your operatories to display different educational materials or offers to your existing patients.


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