Testimonials from Other Doctors

Please have a look through the videos and the letters of references endorsed by Doctors across North America. You are welcome to call them and if you need a few more (some are more private), they are available by contacting us directly.

Dr. Angela Morales

Dr. Naga Clinic 1

Dr. Naga Clinic 2

Dr. Shadi Ghanaat

"Number 1 in Google and in reviews while generating new patient calls every month. Setup and maintains our website"

Libby Lupinacci – Director of Customer Care

"Your expertise and commitment to excellence is a quality that has made you the person you are."

Dr. A. Haydarian

"True to his word, Paul was able to get us to be the top rated office in the area in a month based on our own patient feedback. Not only that, he made a nice book of the reviews for patients and our staff to look at on display in the waiting room. He also built a website for us."

Dr. Jack Slome

"New Patient Sytems Inc. has consistently driven new patient calls and e-mails to us every month since he launched his advertising system. In the last 3 months, his system has produced more than 69 (up to 105) new patient calls and e-mails from everything from recall to high end cosmetic work."

Dr. Howard Farran

"You must read ‘Getting New Dental Patients in the New Economy’ by New Patient Systems Inc."

The Toronto Star

Clients and New Patient Systems Inc. in the regional and the national news.

 Dr. Bobby Brown

"For over a decade now, New Patient Systems Inc. has got us from no online presence to: #1 in Google for all main keywords, to the top in reviews and as a result, has increased our patient flow over 650% every single month for several years and counting. Highly recommended."

Doctor’s Name Available Upon Request

"Paul has been a key asset in our office and has been instrumental in getting our marketing momentum going and keep going every month."

Dr. Michael Allen, Tucson AZ

"Based on Dr. Howard Farran’s recommendation on New Patient Systems Inc.’s book, I hired them. They got me over 55 new patient calls and over 50 reviews in just a couple of months. Highly recommended and they have earned my trust."

Dr. Jack Bengall

"Paul has gone above and beyond what companies have done and beyond what was expected. I strongly urge you to give him a call."

Dr. Angela Morales

"Based on a referral from a colleague, I hired them. Brought us from beyond page 3 in Google and barely any internet presence to #1 and 2 for main keywords, a lot of patient reviews, and an advertise system that generates new patients every month. Earned our trust."

Dr. Rob Bond

"New Patient Systems Inc. has almost tripled enrollment on our orthodontics course. Earned our trust and would gladly recommend him."

Dr. Paul Melnyk

"Increased my production 10% and doubled my new patient flow. Take them seriously, they have earned my trust."

Dr. David Brown

"Transformed a failing direct mail piece to get us 400% more response, created a promotion that increased our production 42% for the month. So far has earned our trust."

Dr. Paul Melnyk again

"Created a robot advertising system for us that got us to #1 in Google and generated several new patients every month."

Dr. Paul Melnyk (3rd time)

"Production up 13.6%, new patient flow doubled and net profit up 50%. Earned our trust."

Dr. Andrew Tortorella

New Patient Systems Inc. has taken us from no online presence to: between #1 and #3 in Google for all main keywords, a large amount of reviews and as a result, it sometimes feels like I get a new patient every day. Earned our trust.

Dr. Corey Grossman

"Hired them based on referral from a colleague. New Patient Systems Inc. manages everything for us and got us to #1 in Google for all the main keywords, got us national media coverage, a large number of reviews, and advertising that gets us new patients every month. Highly recommended."

Dr. Rosanna Porretta

New Patient Systems Inc. gets us many new patients a month, and also got us to #1 Google ranking for all main keywords as well as double or triple listings on page 1. Highly recommended to other offices.

Dr. David Brown (again)

"New Patient Systems Inc. has been working with us for several years and this is what they’ve achieved for us: many new patients a month from his advertising system, a promotion that brought us increased production, and handles all our marketing. And as of 2015, he has also gotten us to #2 in Google for one of our main keywords. Highly recommended to any office"

Dr. Alan Macdonald

"Achieved several new patient calls a month, every month from their advertising system. Got us to #1, page 1 on Google for all our main keywords and multiple listings. Handled our marketing and almost tripled our enrollment in our orthodontics course. Gladly recommend him."

Dr. Bobby Brown (again)

"New Patient Systems Inc. turned our small and slow promotion into a much bigger and faster one. They multipled our results by 500% and did all the work themselves."

Barbara Sax/Dr. Len Sax

"New Patient Systems Inc. created and ran a promotion that generated new patients, reactivated overdue patients, and caused others to move up their appointment. People were excited and eager to come see the dentist."

Dr. Kathy Hledin, Pointe-Claire QC

"We’ve had bad experiences with outside help before New Patient Systems Inc. But they have turned everything around – website and have acquired many new patients a month over the past several years. They have earned our trust."


"Our office’s website is now 4th on page 1. Great job!"

Dr. Leonard Sax

"Brought in 13,000 in production, reactivated 14 overdue patients, doubled implant cases, generated new patients and over 1500% increase in emergency cases. New Patient Systems Inc. has earned our trust."

Dr. Arthur Freedman

"Chose them because they understood patient psychology. They increased my production by 42.9% for the month they ran their promotion, reactived 19 patients! Would gladly recommend them."

Dr. PM

Created a promotion for us that got a lot of patient attention and response. It produced several new patients, reduced cancellations, and did all the work. Would gladly recommend him.

Character References

Here are some testimonials from Chiropractors, Tech industries and other places where we have volunteered.

Character References

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