Increase New Patient Bookings From Front Desk

How many bookings do you get out of 10 new patient calls? If it’s not a high number, chances are these 3 things are keeping you from extra new patients every month, costing you time and money

Chances are, during the month, you’ve had several calls to your office from prospective new patients that didn’t book.

Why is that?

It could be one of these 3 reasons, and when fixed, lead to extra new patients every month without spending any extra money on marketing.

1. Office staff get too busy and new patients fall through the cracks

Day to day operations of your office are important but if a new patient calls your office and is put on hold for 4 minutes, rushed off the phone, not greeted warmly, well, they aren’t going to book. And if they book, they might cancel, having found a more warm office.

2. No training on how to handle new patient calls properly

Since they don’t have any training, every time they answer the phone , they are winging it.

Is the staff controlling the call?Are they answering the person’s question but not booking them?

Are they being warm and friendly?

Is there long awkward pauses?

Are the patients being rushed off the phone?

Does it sound like the staff member is annoyed that someone is interrupting their work?

3. Don’t care

Well, if your staff doesn’t care about your office, why should your patients?

First step is admitting that this might be happening to you. Next step is fixing it!


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