Are You Missing This in Your Dental Marketing

Is your dental marketing missing these two core strategies? Perhaps this is why you aren’t getting the new patients you wanted…

Real marketing strategy is a foreign concept to most dental marketing companies.  Unfortunately, in today’s new economy, you cannot afford time or money to outdated marketing methods for your practice.

Most dental marketing marketing is missing these 2 critical factors:

1) Most dental marketing target a very specific part of the population

In fact, there is no intentional targeting, they just hit these patients randomly. These patients are either in pain, or don’t have a dentist (or more accurately, they are just thrown at random).

That’s a very small fraction of the market . Sometimes people are looking for a dentist but not right now.

Maybe they have a falling out with their current dentist. Maybe the one that they have now doesn’t provide what they want. Maybe the timing isn’t right.

Either way, only about 1-10% of the people that are actually interested in dental work would respond immediately

That leaves people that are interested, but they just need a little more nudging.  Or they just need a little more time.  Maybe they need to have their desires and motivations built up to come in to your office.

That is an extra 10-40% right there.

Prospective new patients need to be put into a pipeline.  They were interested enough to look at your ad, so guide them through the process.

2)  Type of ad or marketing doesn’t pose much of a solution to a would be patient.

They see your bio, some technical jargon and some other tid bits.  But does it really tackle some of the fundamental issues they are having?

And are you actually presenting an offer to them with a call to action?  They need to be guided EVERY step of the way from the time they see your ad to book to coming in to upsold to higher fee service

And what about the objections?  what about the reasons that even though they want what you have to offer, they just don’t budge.

Stay tuned for 2 more important key ideas…

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