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You don’t stand a chance in getting a lot of new patients unless you are at the top of Google…but that’s just the beginning…


Studies show that 90% of potential patient search results come from the top 4 or 5 search listings.

It’s called the Golden Triangle of search for a reason. You can see the heat map in the picture on the left. The red indicates where the eyeballs in an eyeball tracking study spent most of their time on.

That’s where all your results come from…the top few search results. Then after that 4th or 5th result, eyeballs and thus clicking drops off exponentially. That means you are missing out by not being number #1 in your city.

How to Get to the top of Google for your city

Everything multiplies when you are at the top.  You get a lot more reviews, new patients, views. People are just generally more attracted to you when you are at the top. They assume you are the best, without saying it. And having you show up right away when someone searches for a dentist is proof of that.

dentalnumber1googleBut if you think that even though you have no website, no listing in Google and no online marketing, that we can get you to number 1 in one month and *keep* you there forever, you are off your rocker.  If that is your level of expectation, then please look elsewhere. How fast you move up depends on many factors which we can discuss them based on your particular location.

Warning: Don’t Get Banned…

Most likely you have either been fed misinformation or not know how the whole process works or what it takes to get you to the top. If that is the case, you could wind up getting banned from Google or worse.

Do nothing with your website until you contact us…

We only do Google approved, so called “white-hat” strategies so you don’t have to worry about getting banned or losing your ranking.  Our clients have been on top of Google for years in some cases, despite constant competition and changing search patterns.

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New Patient Systems Inc. has got us from no online presence to: #1 in Google for all main keywords, to the top in reviews and as a result, has increased our patient flow over 650% every single month for several years and counting. Highly recommended.

Dr. BB


New Patient Systems Inc. has taken us from no online presence to: between #1 and #3 in Google for all main keywords, a large amount of reviews and as a result, it sometimes feels like I get a new patient every day. Earned our trust.

Dr. AT


Hired them based on referral from a colleague. New Patient Systems Inc. manages everything for us and got us to #1 in Google for all the main keywords, got us national media coverage, a large number of reviews, and advertising that gets us new patients every month. Highly recommended.

Dr. CG


Based on Dr. Howard Farran's recommendation on New Patient Systems Inc.'s book, I hired them. They got me over 55 new patient calls and over 50 reviews in just a couple of months. Highly recommended and they have earned my trust

Dr. MA


New Patient Systems Inc. gets us many new patients a month, and also got us to #1 Google ranking for all main keywords as well as double or triple listings on page 1. Highly recommended to other offices.

Dr. RP


New Patient Systems Inc. has been working with us for several years and this is what they've achieved for us: many new patients a month from his advertising system, a promotion that brought us increased production, and handles all our marketing. And as of 2015, he has also gotten us to #2 in Google for one of our main keywords. Highly recommended to any office.

Dr. DB


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