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Warning: You must give your new patient flow more importance right now.

Most dentists have a passive, random, tiny amount of new patient flow generated solely from referrals. Yes, referrals are great. Who doesn’t love them? All your staff have to do is get out of their way so they can become your new patient. BUT, but…referral dependence is NOT a strategy. There are 6 reasons:

1) Most offices don’t have any referral system in place so the referrals they get are random.

2) Even if you offer a great service and patients like you, some people might forget or be too shy to ask their friends or family.

3) You may be losing active new-patients-from-internetpatients every month if your attrition rate (or how many patients are you losing out the back end) is more than your small flow of new patients.

4) The economy has gone bonkers.  Is it up, down…sideways? Are we on the edge of a precipice?

5) Technology has changed the way you interact with patients, and the way they find out about you.

6) The way patients choose and stay with dentists has dramatically changed in the last 10 years even. Patients themselves have changed their consumer behaviour.

So how can you run a business based on a random amount (if any) of new patients?

How can you run a business and eventually sell it for a large enough amount to provide for you and your family when it’s slowly bleeding out?

Hope is not a strategy and it’s only going to get worse…

By not taking action with your practice now, whether you do it yourself or trust an expert to do it, you are missing out on a one of a kind huge, competitive advantage. It’s one that may not be around for much longer and it’s available to you right now.

The Only and Number #1 Secret to Getting New Patients

A lot of dental marketing gurus and consultants talk about their “number 1 secret” to getting new patients. They are wrong. There is only 1 way to guarantee you get a steady and growing stream of new patients. We aren’t talking 100 new patients all at once here like that elusive magic bullet some dentists keep looking for…we are talking about doubling, then re doubling then re-doubling your new patient flow, month after month.

Automated, Monthly New Patient Systems

Any one particular source of new patients, be it referrals, direct mail etc. can dry up, have bad months, or just stop working. Plus that’s labour that you and your staff have to do every month without having any knowledge in the area. The equivalent would be if you went into a patient’s mouth blindfolded. It’s just a bad idea.

What works is multiple, automated dental new patient persuasion systems.

Multiple (key word is multiple) systems that are running for you 24/7 doing all the marketing and persuading heavy lifting *for you* (key word is for you) so that by the time these patients pick up the phone to call you, they are like referrals – already sold.

Now, make this moment the moment you decide to ramp up your new patient flow, so you aren’t bleeding out the back end. Fill out this form and let’s get going to adapt these systems to your practice:

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Based on Dr. Howard Farran's recommendation on New Patient Systems Inc.'s book, I hired them. They got me over 55 new patient calls and over 50 reviews in just a couple of months. Highly recommended and they have earned my trust

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New Patient Systems Inc. has been working with us for several years and this is what they've achieved for us: many new patients a month from his advertising system, a promotion that brought us increased production, and handles all our marketing. And as of 2015, he has also gotten us to #2 in Google for one of our main keywords. Highly recommended to any office.

Dr. DB


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