Everything you need to know about Getting New Patients on the Internet

Everything you need to know about Getting New Patients on the Internet

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Pulling back the curtain on your website and how sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Google maps+ places, and Bing behave and what to do so that new patients find you, call you, and solidify a loyal relationship with you.


Here’s what else you’ll discover:

* Complicated Internet “lingo” demystified! Written in clear language so you and your staff can make sense of this fast changing wilderness.
* How you and your staff can correctly setup those sites within an hour. And why it’s vital you do this ASAP.

* How to put all this on autopilot so you and your staff can do whatever you want and not worry about it.

* The #1 and #2 mistakes that are made for each site that could cost you your website and reputation.

* Sneaky little tricks to acquire new patients (yes they are legal and pass dental advertising standards)

* Handy “Thumb-o-meter” to aid you in deciding if it’s right for you based on criteria like speed, ROI, band…

* And much more!

Here’s a quick glance at the table of contents:

2. PaulPaul’s rating system for this guide. p. 7

3. PaulPaul’s $$ key points. p. 8

4. Introduction. p. 8

5. The life blood of your office. p. 10

5.1 How patients behave on the Internet – the 9 steps. p. 10

5.2 How much to spend on Traffic – The Golden Value. p. 11

5.2.1 General Practitioners: p. 11

5.2.2 Specialists or big cases: p. 11

5.3 Never ending sources of new patients. p. 12

6. Websites. p. 13

6.1 How to use websites properly to get new patients. p. 13

6.2 The NEW type of website you probably don’t know about p. 13

6.3 Make sure you don’t do this. p. 14

6.4 How do people remember your website name?. p. 14

6.5 The 5 things Google / Search Engines Cares About p. 14

6.6 The unknown secret to getting patient calls instantly. p. 15

6.7 Without this, you will have no new patients. p. 15

6.8 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – getting high on Google. p. 15

6.8.1 The only 5 things you need to know about SEO.. p. 16

6.9 Setup. p. 16

7. Google. p. 20

7.1 The most important concept in Internet marketing. p. 20

7.2 The Secret Google weapon that most people can’t figure out p. 20

7.2.1 You MUST follow these rules to the letter if you wish to be profitable: p. 21

7.3 The 2nd secret weapon that most people don’t know.. p. 22

7.4 The 3rd secret weapon. p. 22

7.4.1 4 reasons why you need to take control of it now.. p. 23

7.4.2 You will waste your time and money doing this. p. 23

7.4.3 If you do this, you will get banned so be careful p. 23

7.5 Once King of getting new patients, this is now 4th most important p. 24

7.6 Google’s Facebook Killer p. 24

7.7 Setup. p. 24

7.7.1 Google account: must be done first p. 24

7.7.2 Adwords. p. 28

7.7.3 Places. p. 30

8. Microsoft/Yahoo – Google’s little baby brothers. p. 34

8.1 How to Use it to Attract Patients. p. 34

8.2 Ads. p. 34

8.3 Setup. p. 35

9. Auto-responders – The unknown secret to building relationships. p. 38

9.1 What is it?. p. 38

9.2 How to use it to attract patients. p. 38

9.3 Setup. p. 39

10. Youtube. p. 41

10.1 Do these things with Youtube – and you will get people calling you. p. 41

10.2 How to Use it to Attract Patients. p. 41

10.3 Going Viral – getting a flood of patients. p. 42

10.4 Setup. p. 42

11. Facebook – why being social is the best thing you can do now.. p. 44

11.1 Business Page. p. 44

11.2 How to use it so you don’t lose friends and alienate people. p. 45

11.3 How to get Facebook traffic instantly without spending a fortune. p. 45

11.4 Setup. p. 46

11.4.1 personal account p. 46

11.4.2 business account p. 47

11.4.3 Ads. p. 49

12. Twitter – a weird yet powerful tool p. 54

12.1 How to Use it To Attract Patients. p. 54

12.2 Setup. p. 55

13. Blogs. p. 56

13.1 How to Use Blogs to Attract Patients. p. 56

14. LinkedIn – Get networked to get patients. p. 57

14.1 How to Use it To Attract Patients. p. 57

14.2 Setup. p. 57

15. Bookmarking sites – What? What is this?. p. 62

15.1 How to Use It to Attract Patients. p. 62

15.2 Setup. p. 62

16. Bonus: Big Cases and Niches: The biggest source of overlooked new patients. p. 66

16.1 The Only 2 Types of Big Case New Patients. p.66

16.2 Getting the first type on autopilot p. 66

17. Final $100,000 key point p. 66

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