7 Critical Mistakes Dental Marketing Companies Make That Are Holding You Back:


  • Not using systems. If you and your staff want to just focus on dental work and leave the new patient marketing labour (there’s a lot of it) to the experts, then you need systems – “done for you” automated systems.
  • Not using multiple systems. Even if they are using a system, with all the competition and the increased complexity of marketing coupled with how distracted and busy your patients are, you can’t rely on one method anymore. You need multiple systems working 24/7 marketing for you, relentlessly.
  • Not understanding how dental patients think: How can they design an ad for you if they don’t even understand the psychology of the patient – what’s going on in their lives, their fears, their objections, their appeals?
  • No thought to how the whole process works. They ignore unique issues with your office and the people that live around it. They just blast out marketing that looks the same as all other offices. No thought is given to how patients will respond, how to improve that, what happens when the phone is picked up and so on.
  • No risk reversal or ways to reduce your risk: What happens if you get no response when you spend your money on their expensive branding campaign? Even if their advertising stops working, they will happily take your money without adapting the ads to be fresh and start getting results again.
  • Extremely expensive image : Apparently, everyone wants you to operate as a designer boutique. Yes, it looks nice, but who’s paying for it in the end? Will you get a flood of new patients just because you have marble floors? It’s easy to sell YOU on image. The more image they sell you, the higher the price and the much much lower your ROI.
  • Laziness: These mistakes made all boil down to how much they can get away with taking as much of your money as they can, while generating the least amount of results for you.

The dental industry is swarming with high priced companies that will give you marginal results (if at all). New Patient Systems Inc. has been designed to give you back the ROI you were expecting while keeping costs lower.

Now compare the value you get with New Patient Systems Inc.

New Patient Systems Inc. Guru Consultant Generic Dental Marketing Company Staff Member That Does the Marketing Media Company
Does the Work for you 95% of the work is done for you partial hopefully online only
Multiple systems to get you new patients Advertisements for all services responsible for more than 6,200 new patient calls/emails (conservative). One only One only One only One only One only
Get you to the top positions in Google and strives to *keep you there* Some clients even have multiple first page listings. One keyword only One keyword only One keyword only - multiple costs a fortune
Systems to increase production over $5.3 million in cosmetic and restorative cases so far (conservative).
Get you in the news National and Local coverage
Goal: get you to be one of the highest rated clinics in your area.
Create appealing ads that generate new patient calls/bookings in newspapers, radio, direct mail Advertisements for all services responsible for more than 6,200 new patient calls/emails (conservative).
Actually worked in dental offices and knows the challenges you face Over 13 years Sometimes



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