Build Your Bridge: The one, new, low cost strategy to reclaim your share (or more) of patients after the pandemic

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2021 Paperback, 280 Pages, 1st Edition


This book was crafted using the results of more than 15 years and $1.4 million of tested patient and production marketing in our clinics. However, this is much more than a marketing book: it represents a strategic and holistic approach to blending new marketing methods with production boosting and schedule filling activities.  Your marketing should be the bridge between your production and what the patient wants.

The book is split into two main parts: First, we start with the one big idea, the one strategy that makes it easy to understand what to do and how to Build Your Bridge. Second, we walk you through how to implement the strategy. We fill in the gap of the patient experience from people being completely unaware of your office to patients that are raving fans who refer multiple friends and family over their lifetime.  We've examined and optimized every nook and cranny to get maximum results for your efforts. This book is ideal for any general practitioner with 1 to 3 clinics on a budget that wishes to recoup clinic losses from the pandemic and grow.

Stop spending a fortune reinventing the wheel.

Stop paying big bucks to agencies and consulting firms that have to justify their bloated prices because of all their high salaries.

Stop paying for wrong information that hasn't been tested in clinics.

Stop doing nothing.

Start doing what's best for you.

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