Dentist Best Month Ever Promotion

What is it

A special promotion designed to get as much people interested, motivated, committed and booked as possible into your office in a way that requires no extra work for your staff and you.

What it will do for you

The benefits to you are immense:

  • It cuts down cancellations – they cannot cancel within 48 hours or they lose their membership
  • It increases loyalty to you – they are part of your exclusive club
  • Reactivates patients – the nature of the promotion gets them motivated to book
  • Motivates others to get the big treatments (C&B , implants) you presented to them months ago or even just getting the fillings they need.
  • Attracts new patients to your practice through word of mouth
  • Patients pay months in advance of their regular appointments!
  • All this happens at once fills your schedule and generates buzz about your office!
  • And…the fact that you and your staff don’t have to sell will be responsible for one of your best months ever.

Simply write “Best Month Ever” on your letterhead and fax to 416-642-7270 or use the contact form and we will get back to you with the details.


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