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What NPS Inc. Has Accomplished for Clients in the Last 10 Years:

* Established multiple advertising systems (from recalls, to emergencies, to big cases) that have and continue to generate as many as 156 new patient calls and bookings monthly for over 10 years in highly competitive areas.

* Established 100% of clients as the highest rated offices in North America.

* Established 100% of clients as position 1-3 on the front page in Google search rankings. In most of these cases achieved 2 or 3 listings on the first page.  These rankings continue to hold despite changes to Google and new competition.

* Produced ads that have brought in over $205,000 in cosmetic cases.

* Produced high demand promotions which resulted in over $132,000 in increased production, re-activations, crown and bridge/implant cases while decreasing both cancellation rates and patient attrition.

* Featured clients local and national news, and combined with NPS Inc.’s interview series, established and branded these clients as local “celebrities”.

* Established re-activation and production systems that have resulted in “hard-to-get” patients back in the chair, even when their insurance has run out.

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NPS Inc.’s Mission for Your Office


1. To double, triple or more your new patient flow by making you the number 1 dental office in your area through reviews, getting you to the top of Google, stand out advertisements, staff training and whatever else is necessary.

2. To maintain your competitive edge and therefore new patient bookings in your market as long we are a part of your team.

Long Version:

We do for dental offices what others cannot:

We install *multiple*, turn-key, dependable, automated, new patient marketing systems that generate calls and bookings for your office each and every month. We do this despite: 1) the rising tide of dental office competition, 2) patient behaviour changes, 3) the rapidly changing technological and economic climate and 4) any failure you have had with marketing in the past. And we put in all of these systems for you for a lower price than the competitors offer just one of their services. And it’s all done for you. That’s right, we get you more results for less cost and less work on your part. Did we mention we install multiple systems for you, not just one?

That means that using our proprietary systems that have taken over a decade to create and test, we get you to the top of Google, get you to be the highest rated office in your area (or country), get you multiple streams of new patients, get you in the news, establish referral systems, farm the area with direct mail, train your staff and any other means necessary to get you new patients.

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About the Founder

Paul Speziale, B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc. ps-profile-bwAfter obtaining his Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and Master’s Degree in Engineering Physics from McMaster University, and a few years in engineering corporate positions – Paul discovered he had a talent for a) Getting things done faster and more efficient and b) automating complicated tasks. Since he reached a cap on what he could do within engineering, he left to pursue a more interestin6g and rewarding challenge: to grow businesses through increased efficiency and through automation of sales systems, production, and advertising. Focusing on dental offices, New Patient Systems Inc is now in its 10th year. Under Paul’s lead, his new patient systems are used across North America and continue to bring about positive results for his clients every month.


Lyra, the crazy NPS Inc. dog.

Paul believes no problem is unsolvable so he has advocated a great deal of time and capital to applying, adapting and adopting solutions for clients and for his own ventures. In his spare time, Paul enjoys spending quality time with his wife and their crazy dog, Lyra.

He also reads boring marketing and psychology books, plays with language, golfs terribly, and is a connoisseur of emerging technology and good pizza (sometimes simultaneously).

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Rest of the NPS Inc. Team

In order to accomplish the ambitious mission above, New Patient Systems Inc. has carefully cultivated a rich tapestry of talent over the years. Each person chosen is an expert in their related field as we believe that “A Players” work best with other “A players.” We have a dedicated team specializing in dentistry, automation, website technology, programming, Google search, video and audio, graphics design, and editing. It takes a lot to be a part of a team to support this vision. NPS Inc. is constantly in search of more A player talent in related fields. If you feel you can add value in any of the above fields, please forward us your resume.


His favorite quotes include: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.  Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.” – Hellen Keller “Man who say it cannot be done should not interrupt man doing it.” – an old Chinese proverb


Some of his own philosophies include: “People are bored and life isn’t so serious, have some fun with your marketing” “There is no failure, only feedback.  Re-frame the experience and carry on.” “Test, test, track, track”


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