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6 hidden killers of dental business

Special Report Description

For Dentists in Competitive or Bad Economic Areas

32 pages. 2021, 6×9″ Soft Cover

Because of the rigors of modern society and the lack of fundamental marketing/business education that is available to dentists, it’s getting tougher and tougher to just hang out a shingle and be in business…let alone keeping your head above the water financially.

The vast majority of Dentists may be ill-equipped to handle these challenges and fall prey to a few main roadblocks accelerating the demise of their practice or preventing deserved successful growth.

Here are just a few of the topics covered in this booklet:

1. “We Don’t Need to Advertise or Market our Clinic” p. 8

2. Like a Needle In A Haystack p. 10

3. They All Want a Piece of You p. 15

4. Its Not About Birthday Cards, They Will Leave You p. 18

4.1 Reactivation p. 21

5. Without Blood, You Will Die p. 21

5.1 Patient Flow. p.24

6. Don’t Tell Me What To Do! p. 28

6.1 Opposing Fears p. 29

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