Build Your Bridge Full Course

Fill your schedule, grow production and increase new patients during the pandemic, war, inflation and the upcoming global recession.

Exclusively for GP's with only 1-3 clinics

In this comprehensive course, you will be learn how to put in place the main pillars of Building Your Bridge. Not just learn but be given exactly what you need to do. Your clinic will be able to implement all the strategies mentioned in the book along with everything you need to start. We are also here to help.

There is no padding or fluff and we encourage you to get your staff involved.

You will also have access to all the resources you need: You get the exact tools we use in our clinics, checklists, spreadsheets, documents and so on as the result of more than 15 years and $1.4 million of tested patient and production marketing. Now, you don't have to spend thousands of your own dollars and hundreds of hours of you and your staff's time trying to reinvent the wheel. 

The course is broken down into 4 easily customizable and "ready to go" modules:

Module 1: Production and Schedule Filling

This module is dedicated to get your schedule filled and boost your production using innovative (and tested in multiple clinics) techniques for Fee-For-Service. The pandemic has killed baseline production levels for a lot of clinics and this can help you get back to that and more.


  • The Best Month Ever Promotion: This alone is worth the price of the course. Transforming a service you already offer into something that not only generates excitement with patients, team building, payments over the phone in advance of their appointments, but reactivates and "wakes up" unresponsive patients (sometimes up to several years since they were last in) for all sorts of restorative services. On average, this promotion boosted the month's production by 33.80%. "In one month, Paul has boosted production by 41.49%, with a 500% increase in crown production, and reactivated 12 patients (some of which haven't been in 4 years, 1 in 8 years)" Dr. SR. "Paul's promotion has brought in 1 month a 200% increase in Implants and 57% increase in restorative cases. People were excited and eager to come see the dentist." Dr. Len Sax. "Paul's promotion has reactivated 32 patients and boosted crowns production." - Dr. Andrew Tortorella.
  • Front desk training system:  The schedule lives and dies by the front desk so are they persuasive enough? How many bookings do they get for every 10 inquiries? What are some hidden criteria to either find the best ones or bring out the best from what you got? How can they best deal with stubborn, irate, or hesitant patients? This system walks them through the 3 step process on how we get front desk to stop losing potential new patients and turn front desk into booking machines without spending any extra money.
  • Front desk recall protocol: The scripts we use to get more people back into the office.
  • Staff hiring protocol: How to find (and keep) the best talent from a sea of garbage and spam.
  • Recall / Recare patient system: Recall letters to get stubborn patients back in even if it has been years and even though you have called them multiple times, especially when the pandemic has made more patients stubborn and non responsive.
  • New Patient protocol: Customize this document with your office manager and give your patients the wow factor that lets them rave about your office. Includes qualifying controls to reduce the number of low quality patients in your office.
  • "No Mo No Shows" protocol: It's not just about confirmations, it's about getting patients to be committed to the appointment. How you can reduce last minute cancellations and no shows for new patients and for existing patients.
  • Treatment coordinator protocol: This protocol answers the questions: what makes a treatment coordinator successful? How can they book more big treatments? How can they get more treatment plans accepted? and more. Even if you don't have one (you should get one especially if you do bigger services), you can turn any staff member that's good with people into a part time treatment coordinators to get a lot more big treatment plan acceptance.
  • Accounts receivable system: For reducing AR without having to contact a collections agency or lawyer. 
  • Referral strategies: Overcoming the biggest reason your top patients don't refer.
  • The rest of the course's modules below also fill your schedule and boost production with an emphasis on new patient flow.

Module 1B: Introducing...The Easy Patient Tool

Building patient relationships also means communicating to them all at once in a personal way by regular mail. But that is time intensive and costly. We developed a tool to take your entire patient list and within 7 clicks, be able to instantly:

  • Generate a complete mail merged, *personalized to each patient* word document and pdf that you can just submit to any printer.
  • Produce a mail merged envelope template so all you have to do is hit print and it will print your envelopes.
  • Filter out only patients that haven't been in the office for whatever date you specify (for example more than 2 years) as well as not have any appointments in the future.
  • Send only to patients you want to receive promotions.
  • Remove patients you don't want to receive mail.
  • Filter by age and gender.
  • Send only one per household.
  • We use the tool to save money at the same time sending out personalized letter. It works with any scheduling software that can produce a raw patient list in Excel.

We built this tool and have been improving it every year. It's saved hundred of hours and many thousands of dollars in promotion and mailing.

Module 2: Get Your Clinic to the Top of Google

Big dental corps push a lot of budget into making their clinics the top of the city you are in. How can you achieve that without a big budget? Simple, not only are they being overcharged by the marketing firm that is handling their accounts, but most of what they do is waste. If we throw out the waste and do it ourselves, we can level the playing field, get to the top of Google and get our fair share of new patient calls.  

We have used these techniques to get and keep our clinics at number 1-3 in Google for over a decade. We have also used these techniques to get our clinic *back* to the top after years of inactivity. We also use these techniques to push services like implants, same day crowns, braces and sedation to number 1 in the city. Using these techniques, some of our clinics have achieved 3 and 4 first page positions, increasing our new patient calls substantially.

SEO doesn't have to be rocket science. Using this part of the course, you can train any staff member to become an SEO superstar for your clinic.

Includes 3 main parts:
1. Just 3 (not 20, 50, 100 or 1000, just 3) critical pieces of knowledge that you need to know about Google.
Fix your website: How to make your webpage loved by Google and new patients alike.
What are your competitors doing: How to discover what your competitors are really doing and use that information to help your clinic move up. It's not rocket science, it's hidden in plain sight if you know where to look.
Pulling the Curtain Back on Google: Very few agencies take the time to understand how Google works because it's easy to sell smoke and mirrors. If you know how Google works, then things become much easier. We lay it all out for you.
2. Link building: This is the meat of SEO and the absolute KEY to getting results. We show you what it is and how to do it so you get results and aren't wasting your time. If you don't do this, you could work on your site every day for years and not move one position in Google that's how critical it is.
3. Automate It: How to put it all on autopilot and advanced strategies if you are in an area with tough competition.

"Got us to Number 1 and kept us there for over a decade. He knows Google well."

Dr. Bobby Brown, working together since 2009 (15 years)

"Thank you Paul for getting us to #1 and keeping us there for over 8 years."

Dr. Rosanna Porretta, working together since 2013 (11 years)

"I've been practicing for almost 50 years and have been working with Paul for over 12. Paul has gotten my one clinic to #2 when other companies couldn't and my other clinic to #1."

Dr. David Brown, working together since 2009 (15 years)

Module 3: Turning Potential New Patients into Referrals

Referrals are the best new patients usually. But what about people that don't know you but are interested? When they call your office, do you want them to be on the fence about booking, to be turned away if they go on hold for more than 10 seconds or do you want them to just book? Having social proof and building your online reputation is one of the key pillars of building your bridge. It's not just about reviews, it's about creating a preemptive authority in your community and turning strangers into referrals who want to join your practice no matter what your competition is doing.

This module includes:

1. 5 Star Review System: How to get hundreds of 5 star reviews from your own patients in less than a month and build trust in your community/city. Close the gap with other clinics in your city who have hundreds of reviews already quickly and inexpensively.
2. 24 Hour Clinic Marketing System: Build an online community presence that promotes your clinic 24/7 using what you have in your hand.
3. Improve patient relationships with your scheduling software: How to set up your email and or patient communication software (like demand force, solution reach, Lighthouse, Intiveo etc.) to get more reviews faster.

4. Community outreach: How to harness the power of community reputation.

"Achieved more Google reviews from our patients than we ever thought we could get, faster than we thought, putting us in number 1 position."

Dr. Jack Slome

"Was able to get us into the top five of reviews in our entire state in a month"

Dr. Michael Allen

Module 4: How to Profitably Advertise Your Clinic

This module is more advanced and that's why we saved it for last. Most clinics do not know how to advertise profitably. We have been collecting a cemetery of terrible dental ads over the years that just serve to cost you money and time and ultimately frustration. What this module does is show you both exciting new dental ads and boring, safe ads that have been tested to get the phone ringing, generate profit and get new and existing patients in the door.

1. Recall/Recare ads: How to setup inexpensive, profitable Google ads that get new patient calls and emails.
2. Big Cases ads: How to funnel patients into an automated system that does all the communication and marketing heavy lifting for big restorative and cosmetic cases.
3. Newsletter and Print ad guide: If you print a community newsletter, sent flyers, newspaper or TV/radio, using this guide, you can boost response and therefore calls and bookings.
4. Walk-by System: How to advertise cheaply if you have walk by traffic if you have a street front or are in a mall.
5. Maximize your clinic's visibility: New patient strategies if your office is in a mall or if you are in an office building.

"Transformed a failing direct mail piece to get us 400% more response, created a promotion that increased our production 42% for the month. So far has earned our trust"

Dr. David Brown

"Paul wrote a tiny ad that has produced over 286 braces calls. He further refined the ad and brought in 60 calls in 1 month! We booked 7 cases in a week. He has brought in 300-700% more than we paid him, far exceeding my expectations."

Dr. II, worked together for 8 years

"With his advertising system, has brought us 22-30 new patient inquiries a month for over 10 years."

Dr. Bobby Brown, working together since 2009 (15 years).

"Since he launched his advertising system, Paul has driven 69-105 new patient inquiries from recall to high end cosmetic work"

Dr. Jack Slome

Here's what else you get if you buy now:

  • This is a "living course". That means that as new tools are discovered, new things added, or better ways discovered, we will send you the update.
  • A 3 hour no cost consultation to help you start and implement the strategies you need (value $375).
  • 50% exclusive discount on the Build Your Bridge Insider's Club.  Each month, you get new tested techniques, 1 hour help with implementation, one free secure patient digital form for your website, free website hosting, and first access to the upcoming clinic iPhone / Android app. All for only $97 a month (Regular $199 a month). Cancel or change anytime. Discount is available only to course purchasers.
  • Back end support availability for production and scheduling issues.

365 Day Guarantee: We want you to succeed in implementing this course so we are offering you 3 hours of help to use whenever you need it (value $375).  We are also offering a 100% refund anytime in the next 365 days if you try it and don't get any value from it.

Disclaimer: Some clinics try to modify critical implementation instructions and therefore don't get the same results. This course is designed to be run as is with just the basic customization to your clinic. If you require further customization due to special circumstances, give us a call and we can help.

Regular price: $4800 but for a limited time, we are offering a 50% discount to $2400.